New to Twitter? #FollowFriday

By: Jennifer Casa-Todd

One of the most relevant things to remember about using Twitter for professional development is that it is more important to follow really interesting and thought-provoking people, than to be concerned about how many people follow you.  I often create Twitter lists to which I direct learners when I am showing them how to use Twitter.  The title of the list indicates the kind of learning you may be apt to do if you follow the people on that list.

But another great way to find really interesting people to follow on Twitter is through the hashtag #FollowFriday or #ff . Though it is updated on Fridays, you may put that term in the search bar to access this information. I don’t do this enough (I am always worried about leaving someone out), but whenever I get mentioned in a Follow Friday list or see someone sharing one, I am always pleasantly surprised to find a new person from whom I think I can learn on Twitter and beyond.

Building Community using Follow Friday

Any leader who is trying to build community using a District or organization hashtag might want to create a #FollowFriday post.  This not only honours the contributions of people using the hashtag, but also helps new people to know the others within that community.

Dr. Robin Kay, Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Ontario’s Institute for Technology makes a point of posting about people in Ed Tech who would be good to follow.

Doug Peterson has long been supporting and building a community of Ontario Educators by creating several #FollowFriday posts.

Both Julie Balen and Lisa Noble shared a #FollowFriday post with me this morning that reinforced the amazing people I already follow, but introduced me to a couple of people whom I have never met.  Often, there is an ongoing sharing as in this example when Donna Fry added some other great folks to follow:


So what are you waiting for?  Take some time by the pool or on a patio to check out the hashtag and follow some amazing educators today who will help you to learn throughout the school year!

If you are really new to Twitter, you may find this resource I created helpful.

Here are two other resources which may help recommended by Donna Fry:

1) from @tomwhitby “Whom Should I Follow on Twitter?”

2) and from @ossemooc, “Twitter for Absolute Beginners” – getting started on Twitter, even without an account



5 thoughts on “New to Twitter? #FollowFriday

  1. Great post Jennifer!

    I agree that creating the rich feed is the most important aspect of getting value from Twitter. That, and learning to search to find the information you need.

    I will add two resources for your readers.

    1) from @tomwhitby “Whom Should I Follow on Twitter?”

    2) and from @ossemooc, “Twitter for Absolute Beginners” – getting started on Twitter, even without an account


  2. Terrific reminders about what the purpose is for online learning, Jen.

    Jaclyn Calder and I talk a lot about the connections we are looking for online that sustain us and move us forward. We need to connect with those who we have something in common and those who can also challenge our thinking. Sometimes we might even find that combination in the same person!


    1. Hi Julie,
      Thanks for reading! I love your comment that the same person who aligns with your thinking may also be a person who challenges it. I feel, in many ways that you are that person for me because I know so little about First Nations & The Truth & Reconciliation report. I will often seek to follow very diverse people and people outside of Education so I can see the world beyond my own. So grateful you are in my PLN!


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